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What’s wrong with the Lions?

Joseph Beaudet We all went into this season expecting the Lions to, at the very least, push for the NFC North title. A talented team with added depth on the defensive line, vast improvement at linebacker and offensive line, and... Continue Reading →


Why The 85 Bears Are The Greatest

  By Eduardo Monk Jr. In Its 96 year history, the National Football League has seen dozens of dynasties, superhuman athletes, and teams that seem to bend reality for how good they are. But that begs the question-who is the... Continue Reading →

The Red Wings aren’t as screwed as we think

Joseph Beaudet Yes, they are the most cap-strapped team in the NHL, somehow. However, they've got a new group of core players coming through the ranks, and they will almost certainly move Mike Green at the trade deadline, and maybe... Continue Reading →

How Unbeatable is Ben Simmons?

By Eduardo Monk Jr   Going into this season, even casual NBA fans were convinced LSU product Ben Simmons to be at least a solid contributor on a Sixers team smack dab in the middle of a stark rebuild. Coming... Continue Reading →

Fact or Fiction: Bulls Playoff Chances

  By Eduardo Monk Jr. The Bulls are a team fresh off an offseason seeing in which they flipped the switch to full rebuild mode, leading to the complete and total gutting of the roster. From moving on from Jimmy... Continue Reading →

Top Ten Most Likely NBA Players to Win MVP

By Eduardo Monk Jr. The glorious NBA season has finally returned and with it, the yearly awards speculations and predictions. The NBA MVP is one of the most prestigious awards in all of sports and to receive even just one... Continue Reading →

NBA Playoff Seed Predictions

    By Eduardo Monk Jr Here we go again folks, the NBA season is on the horizon and the laughably unbalanced conferences have returned right along with it. And after an offseason seeing basically every big name in the... Continue Reading →

USMNT Fails to Qualify for World Cup

Joseph Beaudet   This is just stupid. The way this team's run is quite possibly the worst in all of national soccer. Should Jurgen Klinsmann have been fired? Maybe. Should Bruce Arena have taken his spot? ABSOLUTELY NOT. Granted, hindsight... Continue Reading →

Detroit Red Wings Keys to Success

Joseph Beaudet   Hockey is finally upon us once again. The Red Wings play the first regular season game at Little Caesar's Arena against the Minnesota Wild, and with that comes a keys to success. Not only for the Wild... Continue Reading →

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